Termination of tenancy


What must you take into account if you wish to terminate your tenancy agreement?


  • Your tenancy agreement must be terminated in writing with due observance of at least a full calendar month’s notice, starting on the 1st of the month;
  • You can only terminate your tenancy if you have rented the property for at least one year, as stated in your tenancy agreement;
  • You must notify us of your new address;
  • Include the telephone number(s) on which you can be contacted;
  • Signature, or if the agreement includes two tenants, then both must sign. Please note: terminating a tenancy agreement is binding and cannot be withdrawn;
  • Only the tenant can terminate a tenancy agreement.


The notice period will start as soon as we receive your written notice of termination. You will receive a confirmation of your notice of termination, including an appointment date for a preliminary inspection visit and a final check out inspection, which will be carried out by our supervisor or agent.


Subletting, home exchange or nominating a potential new tenant on termination are not permitted.


Olympiaplein, Amsterdam